Enjoy food. Love life. Be you again.

You want to enjoy life.

Losing weight shouldn’t steal that joy.

Home page_women on beach_shutterstock_192809195Let’s be honest. You probably know how to lose weight and get healthy. You’ve likely tried many times, losing then gaining again. You’re frustrated and it occupies more of your headspace than it ought to.

You may be feeling defeated and wondering if you’re going to fail again. I completely understand, which is why I’ve created this process to help you get unstuck and finally achieve and maintain your body’s ideal weight.

I’ve developed a coaching program to help you dig deep, break through your sabotaging habits and finally move towards the health and body you want. It’s time to get your life back and free yourself from constant thoughts about food and weight loss.


Bring back the joy!

Couple in love walking through nature, holding hands and carrying a picnic basket. Focus on hands

Do you want to be comfortable going out to eat without the stress of being on a diet? Do you want to enjoy shopping again? Are you tired of always thinking about food and your weight? Do you want to feel comfortable in your body?

There’s no need to deprive yourself of the lifestyle you want – schedule your strategy session now and get back to the activities you used to love, feeling good in your clothes, enjoying food and feeling confident in your intimate relationship.


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Heather Moreno, MA

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